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BYOD Powered by Ruckus Wireless
The Claremont Colleges uses Cloudpath by Ruckus Wireless to automatically onboard BYOD devices for WPA2-Enterprise secure WiFi.   Background curve top
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Welcome To
The Claremont Colleges Wireless Network
After installing the configuration profile, you may still need to join the wireless network. To do so:
1. Go to the main screen of your iPhone.
2. Tap the Settings icon.
3. Tap Wi-Fi.
4. Set the Wi-Fi switch to On
5. Select the Claremont-WPA network.

A checkmark will appear next to Claremont-WPA when you are successfully connected to the wireless network.

To change wireless networks, your username, your password, you may reset the configuration.

Note: If the profile does not automatically launch, it can be launched manually.
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